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De Souza Athletics

It was a great pleasure to work with Stefan.

Here you can find some excerpts from the shoot with him.

For everyone who wants to learn more about him, I'll post his link here

De Souza Athletics stands for a community that supports each other to make dreams come true, to become happier and thereby change the world for a better one.

His story:

"I am grateful that I grew up in a family and in a country where I had everything.

Still, my childhood was anything but easy. The divorce of my parents & bullying in my youth had a decisive influence on my self-esteem. Since day 1, however, I've always had one companion: sport, especially football.

At the age of 22 I gave up a steep career with a high salary and after seven years I left my secure job at Roche. Many people could not understand this step. They didn't have to either - because I knew that it was much more important to me to pursue a job that I could do with passion.

During my trip around the world it became increasingly clear to me that I was fascinated by sport in all of its facets. "

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