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Rummeplatz Gare du Nord

Yesterday, I had the extraordinary pleasure of photographing at the Gare du Nord in Basel. My focus was on two exceptional artists who, through their unique performances, capture the essence of travel and street art.

The wonderful Stefanie Mirwald on the accordion.

And the wonderful Milu from Circus Mugg. Circus Mugg Website These two fascinating personalities travel across the country with boxes, suitcases, and bags full of secrets. Each piece of luggage contains sounds, melodies, and stories just waiting to be unleashed. Their journey may be slow, but it is rich in experiences and magic.

I want to share some of these moments with you and hope that you will be as inspired and thrilled as they have inspired and thrilled me. Because in art, whether through photography, music, or performance, we find a universal dialogue that connects us all.

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